Friday, March 6, 2009

Mama said there'd be days like this.....

But I don't think *my* Mama was talking about the fact that I haven't stamped at all today. Yikes! and ugh! and bleh! and so forth. Smiley from I had to deliver the 5 dozen cookies this morning. Glad that's over. I made 1 dozen flip flops and 1 dozen sunglasses - all decorated sugar cookies, plus 3 dozen Citrus Shortbread cookies. Which, if I had not been soooo tired last night when I finished them, would have gone into some really cute tubes of DSP (double sided paper) that I like to make. As it was, I rolled each dozen in wax paper and just used some retired SU yellow organdy ribbon to tie the ends. Then we had to wait for the Termite inspector guy to show up. I didn't realize that they come in and look at all your baseboards, window sills, etc. I mean, like with a flashlight! And even in the closets!! Ok, yes, I want him to be thorough, because I don't want termites, but really? Every dust bunny (and I've got loads!!) was peered upon by this guy and his flashlight. And when was the last time I dusted the window sills behind the sofa??? Errmmm... when we moved in last year and I put the sofa there? Oy. Then it was off to the post office for supplies. Then we had to go to Taco Bell. The little man demanded that he have two cheese roll ups for lunch. I didn't want to eat there because I am trying to diet(haha), but we went anyway, of course. The drive through was to long, so we went in. I ordered two cheese rollups and one small drink. THEN, because I still wanted something to eat, we went to the drive through at Wendys for a salad. Uh-huh. I got a burger and a baked potato. At least I left off the cheese. So now we have food and we head home. I feel like I need to clean house thanks to Termite Man. And I am behind on laundry - am I the only one who never seems to get caught up with that?? Anyway, now it's almost time to pick up kids from school and I still haven't had a chance to stamp. Well, I had a chance, but as soon as I sat down at the desk, Little Man decides he needs paper airplanes and some tape and a punch and more paper and crayons and maybe some more tape.... I swear it's like the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie books. So I can't stamp anything, because he'll want to stamp and use the ATG and the paper trimmer and he needs more ink and a different stamp and.... you see??Smiley from

So today, sadly, I have nothing new to share. My stamping desk is covered with half done projects and scraps of paper, but nothing I can take pictures of yet. Maybe tomorrow the DH will take all 3 kids to Number One Son's Quiz Bowl. Maybe....

Check back tomorrow won't you? Oh and check out the video link in the post below. It's a way cool new die for the Big Shot machine. Have a Stamptacular Day!

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